Studio Markues Aviv
Barutherstraße 20, 10961 Berlin


Markues works as a visual artist and writer, with solo exhibitions on two continents and counting.

Markues’s works create implicitly political spaces in which an egalitarian, diverse, and feminist collectivity can become tangible. This collectivity can only emerge from an indeterminate space in which preconceptions and ideologies lose their fixity: a space of looseness and slackness whose silence provides an opportunity for preparation. This charged silence inheres within the strategic invisibility of trans*ness and the potential of inauthentic biographies. It allows one to experience shame without being interpellated by it, to feel it without needing to accept or reject it.

To enable these spaces of indeterminacy to emerge, Markues’s drawings and collages on paper and unstretched fabric provide a site where passive forces congeal, such as the amorphous, the liquid, the uncontrollable, and the foolish. With this gestural vocabulary, Markues performs empathic appropriations: literary texts, queer social history, and art-historical citations are liquefied, blended, and tenderly over-worked, so that suppressed narratives inherent in the material come to light. Placed together in atmospheric and immersive installations, these works dissolve the bond linking spoken word, script, and abstract painting.


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